The rex team

Together Everyone Achieves More

ceo + Founder

Allison J. Bran

"Whatever you do, do it with all your guts."

Allison is a branding & marketing leader with 18+ years of experience, taking a self-directed and unlearned approach since 1999.

Over the last 11 years, Allison has grown REX from a freelance design business into an award-winning branding and marketing agency. Her experience spans industries, business models, and countries. It’s her ‘outside of the box’ perspective that gets results.

Allison is incessantly curious and is driven by a desire to make a big impact. When it comes to REX, she’s most proud of the incredible team of individuals who are driven by the same desire.

Senior Brand Strategist

Melissa Wong

“The only way to support a revolution is to make your own.”

Motivated to make positive change in the world, Melissa enjoys helping good businesses grow into impactful brands through strategically and creatively telling their story. Melissa is equal parts driven by the process and the results. She gets excited about seeing ideas come to life.

Melissa earned her BBA from the Beedie School of Business at Simon Fraser University, where she was highly involved in student clubs in various roles such as marketing manager, program chair, and event coordinator.

When she’s not at the office, you can find Melissa trying out new recipes, exploring trails around beautiful British Columbia, and sweating it out at her local barre studio.

Brand Strategist

Tessa Heath

"Don't stop until you're proud."

With an education in Psychology and Public Relations, Tessa has always had a deep passion for people and culture. She started her career as an in-house Marketing Coordinator where she discovered her strength in all things digital. Tessa enjoys combining her passion for people and culture with digital marketing tactics to build a brand’s presence online and create engaged brand audiences.

As a child, Tessa was described as bold and outspoken which has grown into a no BS style of communication when it comes to marketing. She believes in using marketing to convey value and real connection with audiences without all the fluff.

Tessa’s passion is helping small businesses grow by building brand personalities that captivate audiences externally, but also create impactful internal brand culture.

lead graphic designer

Christian Jones

“Have no fear of perfection, you’ll never reach it.”

Christian is a graphic designer living in Vancouver, Canada. He received his BA at the University of British Columbia for visual arts and design. After graduation, he decided to continue his studies in the field of design and enrolled in the graphic design program at The Art Institute of Vancouver.

Christian’s goal as a graphic designer is to use his craft to shakeup the way we as a culture perceive the world around us. He’s an adventurer at heart, so his free time is usually spent in the wilderness or planning his next backpacking trip. Much of his inspiration as a graphic designer is drawn from his previous travels, most notably his time spent in Iceland and Patagonia. Each trip he ventures out on helps to expand his view of the world, which in turn strengthens his ability to develop unique visual content.

Account Associate

Brittany Thompson

"It's kind of fun to do the impossible.”

Brittany is an energetic and outgoing individual that brings a bright and vivacious personality to every project. With a focus on interpersonal and intercultural communications, she takes pride in building relationships with everyone she works with to ensure quality results.

Brittany graduated from Capilano University with a BA in Communication Studies. Since graduation, she has found a love of marketing and strategically building platforms with which companies can flourish.

When she isn’t working, Brittany loves singing, reading, playing video games and going out dancing. You can also find her in the mountains, snowboarding during winter or hiking during summer.